Betoloc precast houses are made of high resistance concrete, thus ensuring excellent seismic behavior and maximum durability.
The parts comprising each house are designed in absolute precision and manufactured in our facilities following established procedures in accordance with ISO 9001/2008.

During the design we take into account all the features of the house that must be prevised and embedded in the walls and slabs, such as boxes for outlets and switches, cable hoses, space for rolling shutters, openings for the hydraulic network, cases for the electric cabinets etc. This way the works after the assembly of the shell is minimized.

The required steel reinforcement of the building elements is calculated during the structural analysis which exclusively prepared for each building in accordance with the applicable regulations – Eurocodes and Greek Earthquake Code.
The building elements are transported to the site as soon as all parts are ready. Following, the residence is assembled on site using truck cranes. The elements are locked and bolted together ensuring absolute fitting.

After the assembly, the application of the external façade thermal insulation follows, thus achieving the best possible insulation, superior durability and protection of the building from external influences, absolute waterproofing and perfect aesthetic result.
The works for the completion of the house are easier at the last stage due to the provisions made during the design of the precast elements and because of the absolute dimensions accuracy. The duration of a typical project from the start of the construction till the delivery to the owner is usually 6 to 7 months.